If you had picked up the phone, I would have invited you to Paulo's house.

Leads had to stay in bed.

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There is one solution.

Be my right-hand man.

My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!

We should've gotten here earlier.

She's not dumber than you.

There was debris everywhere.

Hwa is beginning to lose his hair.

I am assured of his honesty.

Which side is winning this time?

I think Laurence should be home with his children.

We've already begun.


I wonder if Kurt will come tomorrow.


She looks pretty in that dress.

They have no children, as far as I know.

Jack said he didn't want to go.

The box contains some old jewelry.

Simply stated, data mining refers to extracting or "mining" knowledge from large amounts of data.


We're not doing anything now.

Lonhyn won't be able to say no.

This photo was stolen from my friend.

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Jwahar couldn't resist peeking through the keyhole.


I'm glad I could help you.


When does Tiefenthal arrive?

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Don't be a fool.


I'd like him to be happy.


It was not until yesterday that I learned the truth.

"Where did he kiss you?" "On my lips." "No, I mean, where were you when he kissed you?"

How do you read the last word on the third line?

In some countries, being a woman is not a good thing.

I'm afraid to cross the street in Beijing since drivers don't respect pedestrians there.

He has a fearsome intellect before which even the most learned cower.

Gilles looks very content.

The first name on the list is Kirk.

His breath smells like goat cheese.

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Kolkka couldn't paint.

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I am concerned for her safety.

Things like grammars that can be called absolutely correct do not exist anywhere.

Kitty loves going to the mall.


You can teach good manners to children without resorting to punishment.


Am I a bad person?

I have nothing to add to that.

The president ought to be ashamed.

Well, I declare!

For fear of an accident, my father doesn't drive.

Lynne was an exchange student.

That may not happen.

Rajeev pushes Geoffrey around.

We were eating pizza.


I'll be coming home.

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Cyrus has a map.

Marla died in 2003.

The bells started to ring.

I need to replace my keyboard with a new one.

I'm really looking forward to seeing it.


Milner will paint the fence tomorrow.

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It's hard for me to concentrate on the task.

I'll arrange a meeting.

What do you think about that?

Why are people scared of Kim?

I wish to all the best of cheer.

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Mariou is the person we've been looking for.

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I couldn't keep up with Jayant.

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The dog walked across the street.


We oppose you.

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Stan didn't tell anyone that he'd seen Jesper kissing John.


Why on earth do you want to know that?

His debts amount to two million dollars.

In an insistent voice, he asked his brother to hand over the letter and he died.


I've answered this question before.

Keep your hands clean.

John was making mistakes all the time.

I heard her arguing with her.

There is a cat on fire in my pants!

They exulted over the defeat of their enemies.

Maybe it's great.


Katia broke her leg falling from the ladders.


Don't try this at home.


Look out for pedestrians when you drive a car.

I can't remember exactly what Adam said.

I know why they're in trouble.

She is ashamed of what she's done.

Is that the only way out?

Dad knows what he's doing.

He needs a taxi.

Vadim sounds desperate.

It could take hours to paint the fence.


Not all people are evil devils.


You look anxious, what's happened?

Craig wasn't busy.

Do you really want me to go right now?

What did you think it was?

Rajiv is quite conscientious.

Do you have breakfast at home?

We keep three dogs and a cat.

She stopped laughing.

If I had something to say, I would've already said it.

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Have you seen the paper?

It's easier than it looks.

I had my umbrella taken while I was shopping.

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The busy bee has no time for sorrow.

His idea is good for nothing.

I owe Cliff a debt of gratitude.

Amos went to the YMCA.

He is now in the hospital and his life is in the balance.


He is coming at once.

I appreciate your coming on such short notice.

I was never told that.


She threatened to tell on me.

It happens frequently on vacation.

Do you want me to come cook you something?

He suffered an insult.

I heard you got a new car.

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Aimee lied to Matthias when he said he didn't know John.


He doesn't go to school anymore.


And why should I believe in the existence of this study?

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I'm going to need someone to help me.

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They started hours ago.

We just need to bide our time.

He is ashamed of having behaved so badly.


We'd better go look for them.

Stephanie didn't check his mailbox.

I lied.

I wasn't told a thing about it.

You're mad.

We always love the people that admire us, but not always the ones we admire.

The party is today.

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Let's make that much very fucking clear!


Pete is just blowing smoke up our asses!


This seems like harassment.

He picked up his toys.

Do you still have the notes I gave you?

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I just came back from replacing the TV; it was acting really finicky.

Promise me you won't stay out all night.

Have my piece of cake if you like.

There were 120 people on the plane, exclusive of the crew.

Elliott has been told.


He never saves money for a rainy day.

Won't you sit on my knee?

You should have kept that secret.


I've got what you want.


Tareq hasn't complained about anything recently.

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Stu is never going to wake up.

Marcia appeared to be bewildered.

Sid can't refuse.

I dislike big cities.

Blair stayed in Boston for a while.

You ought to have come to our party.

Which information are you talking about?


I learned German for three years in school and two years in university.